Wiltshire, actually


Holy smokes.

The lady at the accommodation we found on Late Bookings suggested we go out and peer in through the perimeter, as we may not think it was worthwhile paying to go in.

stonehengeWe had time, so we went in. Queued, and went in. With thousands of others.

There were these gorgeous little spotted birds loitering around the waiting queues; were they thrushes? They were really beautiful, covered in spots from head to toe and very cheeky.

They kept me amused, once I had rushed – run, actually – to the car to grab my camera when I realised I had left it there. It was SOOOO worth the wait! It was another British triumph of getting the hang of the tourist market, with great audio speakers for every person who paid the 8 quid to get in, which told the story of Stonehenge (such as it is known) in 7 stages.

5000 years of history. They have been able to carbon date it because the people who cleared the site used deer antlers for the task; you can only carbon-date matter which has been living, apparently.

Fantastic. I’ve wanted to see Stonehenge all my life and it did not disappoint. It was wonderful.

That about does me for Britain, in the time-frame given. Even though we are staying our last night a stone’s throw away from Windsor castle, which we saw in the distance, we opted for a stint in a local pub as a gradual let-down from our adventures.

Tomorrow Sweden, God-willing that we find Heathrow.

©jane grieve

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