Cattle class isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be – and that is in the down-side department.

It’s really quite manageable. Cosy, yes, but really – is cosy all that bad? We had heaps to do watching stuff on the personal tv, eating stuff delivered by good-natured B.A. cabin crew, sleeping, and walking up and down the aisle for exercise.

26 hours of it. We got here. And by here I mean the U.K. Me wide-eyed and excited to see things I had forgotten, Bas wide-eyed and agog with the magnificence of London being seen for the first time.

busIt was said that he who is tired of London is tired of life. I agree. Where to begin to deal with appreciating even a microcosm of this fabulous place! We opted for the Big Red Bus, and spent day one cruising around the inner city past all the classic sights – and trying to work out which way was North.

How many adjectives are there in the world? Are there any that cannot be applied to London? One could be there for a year and still not plumb its depths. We had 3 days. We did our best. We took millions of photos, we walked, we learned how to work the tube. We got an overview, and loved it.

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