The Motelier

I am more than a little aware that there has not been much said from this corner of the world for the last – oh, how long??????

Motelling and writing inspiration don’t seem to go. There doesn’t seem to be enough head space left at the end of a day.

It has been the most bewildering few weeks I can remember! Like having young kids, everyone said “you’ll get used to it.” Yair well, I’ve got used to it.

But, apart from my early-morning walk around the very pretty town of Dalby, and dashing across to the Chinese restaurant for a takeaway meal this evening, I have not set foot outside the door of the Best Western Country Pathfinder Motor Inn Dalby, all day. Not street-side anyway. Room-side, yes – up and down and up and down, heavily laden with household goods and chattels for the comfort and cleanliness of our guests.

It’s okay though. I like it.


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