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Pentath Poem



It’s really very humbling and kind of makes you wonder

To see in typeface bold and black your very public blunder;

When Peter said “You’re going to dread to see your Pentath Story”

I genuinely thought that I could never spoil their glory!


But then I looked; and there it was, right there in the March edition –

My rendering of that great event despatched me to perdition.

‘Cos while I always strive to tell a tale exactly right,

I hadn’t even told a tale! – by cripes I got a fright!


I saw at once that there had been a horrible mistake

Instead of a polished piece I’d sent the crappy notes I make!

I hoped the Pentath people wouldn’t know who’d caused this shame

But when I looked again I saw the footnote with my name!


What can I say? I can’t let such a gaff be too consumin’

But all the same it’s rather grim to find you’re only human!

Perhaps a fitting consequence for putting them in the gun

Would be to tog me up and make me do the Pentath Run!



© Jane Grieve –

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