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A more sombre evening was the tone of our second and final night in Sweden. Once again at Anders and Maria’s house, but after each of us had spent a decent amount of time snoozing on sofas (someone snoring loudly) we had another grand Swedish repast and a very small amount of beer, and the Schnapps and Cognac stayed under wraps.

janeAnders drove us back to our motel on the other side of Stockholm close to midnight, after an inspection of Ylva’s new acquisition, her own bedsit condo which is as snug as; her father thinks it’s a study apartment. In fact, we were surprised to hear that she is having a party for minimum 15 in that tiny space in a couple of nights, and were with her when she bought Twister as the focal entertainment. Hmmm.

Rolf and Ylva, having taken us around old Stockholm in all its magnificence the previous afternoon, covered the rest this morning. They were so generous with their time. It was absolutely wonderful having local guides, otherwise we would have not had a clue what we were seeing or where we were going. In fact, we would probably still be there instead of winging our way back to the other side of the globe.

Hmmm again. Now, that’s a thought.

                          ©jane grieve

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