I discovered a secret weapon on the trip home; the blindfold mask provided by Qantas in their little hygiene pack. It was miraculous, for such a simple device.

I put it on in Hong Kong, and apart from waking up and watching a couple of movies during that 8-hour leg of the 27 hour trip, I slept the whole way.

Now I’m home and once again I can see my homeland anew. I feel the urge to photograph everything as I have done for the last 4 weeks, because home is indeed a lovely place in its hugeness and pastel shades.

Everyone says “what was the best thing?” How can I possibly choose? We have known so much kindness and hospitality, seen so many delightful sights, been immersed in so many different lifestyles, and each is lovely in its way.

Perhaps the best thing has been being reminded that there is a world out there and that it is possible to dip into it for a time. Yes, for me that is the best thing. There will be a next time, and sooner rather than later.
©jane grieve

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