From Backwater to Mainstream

For 21 years, during what is fondly known as Stage 3 of my life, I lived close to the teeming backwater of Warwick.

The backwater part I didn’t realise at the time, because the teeming part was so engrossing and pervasive. Anyway, the backwater part was only about me, and quite self-inflicted. Went nowhere, did nothin’. Much. There was too much happening at home.

And this is why I am going on about it now. Suddenly, in the guise of motelier, I catch glimpses of a teeming mainstream as it slips in disparate pieces past my nose. Suggestions of different flavours, different lifestyles, different occupations, different places, drift past in snatches.

There is a world out there. There is a world out there!


© Jane Grieve –

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