Drumnadrochit, Loch Ness

One has a duty, when in Scotland, to sample the whiskey.

I am upholding my duty. The whiskey isn’t bad either. Goes down a right treat with just a tad of ice and just a tad – the tiniest tad – of H2O.

I want my friend Rob to take note that I am doing this just for her, as she is a whiskeyphile. A full report will be forthcoming; but unfortunately not a full bottle of whiskey as it’s too heavy. I should know. I am currently carrying a full bottle of Bundy for my Swedish friend Rolf and it has been an act of pure love to do so.

Less than half the weight of my luggage is clothes.

At Drumnadrochit they do not come at providing a lift in the rather ancient hotel, and we are on the 2nd floor. I need Rolf to know that I have thus dragged his bottle of Bundy up 4 (more) flights of stairs and will drag it down again tomorrow. And across to Ireland, and to Heathrow, and to Stockholm.

I will enjoy finishing the bottle off with him. I enjoyed starting off the bottle with him.

lochnessToday was a driving day. They all say here “OHMYGODYOUARENOT DRIVINGTOINVERNESSIT’SBLOODYMILES!” and we panic, and think OhMyGodInvernessIsMilesAwayWhatAreWe DOING!!!! And then we find out it’s only 3 hours. Three paltry hours. It looked a helluva long way on the map of Scotland. So after exploring my grandmother’s haunts in Perthshire in a whirl we jettisoned my ‘lations in Dunkeld because of perceived time constraints, and rushed up to Inverness and down to Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness because we had to see the highlands and Loch Ness, and found we still had 5 hours of daylight up our sleeves.

The lassie at the desk booked us into a motel room what was still uncleaned; and took our money for a 4pm boat tour that when we turned up for it was fully booked before we hit town. So we decided to check out Urquhart Castle, but it closed just as we got there. So I resorted to sampling the whiskey. It was actually a much more lasting experience than doing a sonar boat tour of Loch Ness, and much less expensive than doing a tour of Urquhart Castle, in case anyone is wondering.

©jane grieve

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