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The time seems right, just pipping time at the post as it were (we, and in particular Basil Fawlty, are not getting any younger) so we have booked our honeymoon 25 years after the event.

London EyeIt’s Bas’s first trip to the northern hemisphere – oh, he’s been o/s plenty of times – Fraser Island, Stradbroke, a couple of trips to NZ including one where we took a couple of the kids who found the whole things a bit tedious (we didn’t).

I discovered on that NZ trip that Bas is a wonderful travelling companion. He did all the cooking, all the driving, and was immensely excited about the scenery and everything. I have great hopes for our road trip around the UK, especially as this time we DON’T have the kids (never again!!).

In the spirit of the thing, we have spent the requisite amount of time poring over travel books and looking on the web. We have made a minimum of fixed arrangements, since we rather fancy ourselves as footloose and fancy-free types. But nonetheless, we do have at least 1/3 of our accommodation planned and firmly in place, and the car booked and a flight booked from Edinburgh to Ireland.

The golden rule of not setting off in a state of exhaustion is looking like being bent quite rigorously – not an auspicious beginning, but unavoidable. Robert (aka Bas) has been the sheep obstetrician at the Ekka for the last 10 days, ‘sleeping’ in a donga full of snoring men adjacent to the cattlemen’s bar for the whole of the Ekka, so he is not exactly in prime condition.

I have contracted the Ekka ‘flu and have been lying low in a motel in Toowoomba after a busy Show Week cut short by commitments elsewhere; luckily my sister Tina has been ministering to me with potions and pills so I think I might have nipped it in the bud.

There’s quite a bit to do before our departure on 27th August; a Sydney trip with a library talk in Woollahra, namely.  And then, the final pack. Tina has already had her way with the contents of my suitcase, forbidding me to take half of what I consider essential, after which she woke up the next morning and said “I think you should take out the green skivvy too.” Strangely, Robert’s suitcase is already only half full so hopefully the yin/yang principle will come into play.

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